Reduction of Plastic Waste and Pollution

Year: 2019


Whereas urban municipalities deliver critical solid waste management services to residents, fundamental to quality of life in Saskatchewan; and

Whereas urban municipalities have a central role in collecting and processing recyclable materials, developing local and regional waste reduction strategies and educating the public about waste management practices; and

Whereas the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and its members have been leaders advocating for the Multi-Material Recycling Program and other stewardship and extended producer responsibility; and

Whereas changing global commodity markets for recycling materials have significantly impacted waste-diversion strategies:

Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate and work with the federal government and provincial government to:
1. Eliminate problematic and toxic products that pollute our environment such as micro-plastics and regulate the use of plastics and additives that are toxic or cannot be recycled;
2. Reduce the use of single-use plastics; and
3. Create incentives for reducing waste and the reusability of products and packaging, and to increase the reuse, recycling, and composting products and packaging.