Call for Nominations: Executive

Nomations for Municipalities of Saskatchewan's executive are now open. 

Completed forms must be returned to the Municipalities of Saskatchewan office no later than fifteen (15) days prior to election date by email or by regular mail.

Nomination Form

At Municipalities of Saskatchewan's 2021 Virtual Convention and Tradeshow, elections will be held for:
• President
• Vice-President of Towns
• Vice-President of Villages, Resort Villages, and Northern Municipalities

Each elected official representing a Municipalities of Saskatchewan member municipality in good standing is eligible to cast one vote in the election of the President. An elected official must be in attendance during the Presidential elections and be a registered Municipalities of Saskatchewan 2021 Convention delegate to vote.

Each elected official representing a Municipalities of Saskatchewan town, village, resort village, or northern municipality who is in attendance at the annual convention and who is a registered convention delegate can cast one vote for their sector representative during Vice-President elections held during the Sector Meetings.

The link for voting will be sent out to all eligible elected officials who are registered Convention 2021 delegates.