Municipal Leaders' Roles and Responsibilities

Municipal Leaders' Roles and Responsibilities



March 2, 2021


Municiaplities of Saskatchewan offered the Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities Workshop in December but in case you missed it, we will be offering it again virtually on March 2. We used to call this the Newly Elected Workshop, but the truth is, it’s valuable for new and experienced leaders, and good for elected officials and administration. 

Part of the Municipal Leadership Development Program (MLDP), this module provides current information to help you understand council procedures, and your role in policy decision making and being a community leader. It covers the basics of municipal governance and law so you can understand what your responsibilities are as a municipality, and what role everyone plays in making sure you meet those responsibilities. You’ll get the most up-to-date information on things such as conflicts of interest, and where to turn when you need help and information.

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