Municipal Update

January 11, 2021
  • Deadline Fast Approaching: Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant
  • Municipalities of Saskatchewan Call for Executive Committee Nominations
  • Don’t Miss Tomorrow’s Webinar on Community and Economic Development
  • 2021 Municipalities of Saskatchewan Membership Due January 31
  • Application Intake for TSS Cost-Shared Grants Coming Soon
  • Universal Broadband Fund Deadlines Approaching
  • 70 Road Safety Improvement Projects Approved
  • Changes to CentralSource Programming
  • Events
  • Convention
    • Submit Your Video Questions for the Bear Pit
    • Did you know? 30 Days to Access All Convention Content
  • Classifieds
  • Grants

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Municipal Voice

Summer 2020

Theme: Infrastructure - Contracts and Green Programs

  • Who Is Responsible for Building Communities
  • COVID-19 Funding Stimulus: Proving Your Case
  • When is a 'Bridge' Not a 'Road?': The Application of the Builders' Lien Act to Overpass Projects
  • Addressing Contracts Impacted by COVID-19
  • Building Communities with the Federal Gas Tax Fund
  • Plastic Bag Bans: A How-To Guide
  • Keeping Grain Bags Out of Landfills
  • Reducing Food Loss and Waste a Clarion Call for All 

… and more!

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President's Update

December 2020

Notes from the December Board Meeting. 

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Central Source

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Elected Officials Handbook

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